A brewery makes a comeback in Rhinelander

October 17, 2017

Phylicia Ashley

News Watch 12

RHINELANDER - The Rhinelander Brewing Company beers used to get brewed in Rhinelander.

However, in the 1960s the brewery shut down.

The President of the Rhinelander Brewing Company Joyti Auluck said she noticed a lot of old school T.V. shows and movies making a comeback. Auluck wanted to add beer to that trend.

In about a year the Rhinelander Brewing Company Brewery will come back to Rhinelander on one of the city's most popular streets, Brown Street.

Walking down Brown Street in Rhineland you'll see about five empty stores.

Auluck saw Brown Street as an opportunity to bring back one of Rhinelander's legacies.

"It has some kind of history to their grandfather, or grandmother or some college days," said Auluck.

Right now Rhinelander Brewing Company lagers are brewed in Monroe Wisconsin.

However, Auluck wants to bring it back home.

"Bringing it back to its roots and opportunities for the town," said Auluck.

Auluck said brining in something new won't step on the toes of what's already here.

"We're not in competition with any of our vendors here. Only selling beers they don't have," said Auluck.

Auluck won't reveal which one of the Brown Street locations the brewery will call home until next month.

Until then she said people can imagine all the new experiences the brewery will bring.

"First dates, [invite] friends, things like that," said Auluck.

Auluck took over the Rhinelander Brewing Company back in 2009.

She's from Canada and said she was interested in the company and brand because she loves beer.

Auluck said the brewery's growth in products and customers made next year the perfect time to open.

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