OCEDC Needs Your Help

June 19, 2014

Roger Luce

Oneida County Economic Developement Corporation

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS…….We’re looking for volunteers with a passion for Business Development to serve on our working committees. You can help make Oneida County Economic Development a stronger and more valuable resource by sharing your wealth of knowledge and talents as we work together to strengthen our communities.

Our committees perform specific functions that support the work of OCEDC and this is your opportunity to become engaged in the organization’s activities. All committees listed below report to the Board of Directors and make recommendations for Board action in the committee’s specific functional areas.

Please review the OCEDC committees and duties below:

Member/Public Relations: Responsible for clarifying OCEDC’s desired public image in the eyes of all stakeholders; for overseeing strategies to promote OCEDC; for maintaining effective communication and working relationships with our stakeholders and community at large; recommending policy positions in the governmental relations arena; and overseeing formulation for strategies to promote active volunteer involvement.

Business Retention/Expansion: Role of committee is to identify company-specific growth opportunities and threats to gain a firsthand understanding of the broader issues facing companies in Oneida County. We must first understand the needs of our businesses and look for ways to make the county/region a better place for them to operate. One-on-One visits with CEO’s uncover these immediate growth opportunity threats, and serve as the starting point for a data-based approach to economic development so as to focus on the core issues facing our local firms.

Marketing/Recruitment: The charge of this committee is to develop and implement annual marketing strategy/campaign to attract new business investment in Oneida County. This committee assists with the marketing of available properties in Oneida County as well as marketing the county to businesses outside of the county. The ongoing review and upgrading of the OCEDC website is a responsibility of this group.

Real Estate/Infrastructure: This committee manages the buildings and land that NEWEDC, a parallel corporation to OCEDC, owns or oversees. It is responsible for advising the Oneida County Board of Supervisors and local community leadership of business park/campus opportunities and assist with the development and implementation. The Committee shall review infrastructure pertinent for business success: water, sewer, natural gas, electricity, broadband, transportation, etc.

Technology: Serve as a resource, facilitator and thought leader to address a broad range of technology-related opportunities and issues to interested businesses and, in some cases, the citizenry of Oneida County, in addition to developing broadband saturation strategy. Engage leadership of Oneida County’s towns and city in a comprehensive regional broadband strategy using the common interests, symmetry, and energy of each community. Promote the use of technology to increase efficiency of business operations and to support and enhance business growth. Support improvements in technology education that make a positive difference in students’ lives by providing tools that help students learn to think.

Help shape the future of your community by volunteering your time & expertise!
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