Unemployment Hitting New Lows in the Northwooods

January 25, 2018



Local radio station, WXPR, recently shared data on the low unemployment in our region, stating that only six of the state's 72 counties were at four percent unemployment or higher. The statewide unemployment average is only 2.7 percent.

The story also shares that recently released local unemployment rates for November by the Department of Workforce Development show Forest County at 3.9 percent, Vilas at 3.8 percent, Langlade at 3.2 percent, Price and Oneida at 3.1 percent and Lincoln at 2.5 percent.

The WXPR story quotes Mitchell Rupp on the numbers showing a lot of people working in Wisconsin.

"....I know economists say 4.0 is the rate of full employment, and before that it was probably 4.5 percent. We continue to see unemployment rates continue to decrease."