OCEDC Needs Your Support

September 28, 2017

Roger Luce, Executive Director

The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation

We need your collaboration and support….

Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC) is a private non-profit corporation that depends, in part, on financial contributions from private companies like yours who support economic development growth in Oneida County. The involvement of these partners helps shape the future of this area. Our public partners recognize that successful economic development efforts require a broad participation and investment from the community in the form of an organized public/private partnership.

OCEDC is not a government entity but rather that public/private partnership. Our volunteer, non-profit, board of directors is comprised of individuals like you who want to help ensure that quality of life remains an asset throughout Oneida County. The engagement and support of Oneida County business and community leaders is integral to the work OCEDC performs and the long-term economic growth of this area. Your financial support is critically needed to sustain our impact, compete with our peer regions and invest in the future growth of our local economy.

Currently, OCEDC is supported by over 20 private investors in the county and region. We thank them for their continued support. These investors provide vital resources, talent and support to the OCEDC organization in order to promote our key initiatives for Oneida County. Our six key initiatives are:

•Attract, develop and retain diverse talent
•Foster targeted industry clusters and new markets for our existing businesses
•Support an entrepreneurial and small business climate
•Encourage educational attainment
•Elevate sustainability as an economic driver
•Promote the Oneida County brand

A number of small businesses have joined as investors, seeing the important role the OCEDC plays in growing our area economy and their businesses. Our dynamic website, followed by thousands, offers every investor the opportunity to have their business name to be added to the "Investor Directory" with a direct link to their company website, directing our visitor's to personally visit their business site. This great opportunity provides our business partners with more visibility and a great advertising opportunity! Investors also take part in the full tax advantage of charitable giving as OCEDC is a 501(c)3 registered charity.

If you haven’t already invested, we urge you to do so. We also welcome the opportunity to meet with you personally. Please contact Roger Luce, OCEDC Executive Director to arrange a visit. Or if you prefer, become an investor now. We’re counting on you!
Get Involved. Invest in Oneida County’s future. Invest in OCEDC today!