Three Lakes High School students turn a class project into a business using fab lab

April 28, 2017

Phylicia Ashley


HINELANDER - Childhood friends are no business partners thanks to a class project.

Three students used their Three Lakes Fab Lab to make a septic tank screen hose, which helps stops clogs.

They haven't graduated high school yet, but a company in Illinois is already manufacturing their product.

Three Lakes High School students Tom Stuckart, Jack Connelly and Stephen Gensler had the idea of making their screen hose last summer and started making the prototype when school started in September.

"It's amazing what a little bit of hard work can actually get you. The community has been awesome supporting us and things like that.

Just having the opportunity to come here and speak is awesome," said Stuckart.

On Thursday their business JTS Waste products became official as an LLC.

They presented their business at the Annual Oneida County Economic Development Committee meeting in Rhinelander today.

"This is an opportunity that could be presented to kids all around the state or even the country.

Any school that refuses this kind of opportunity is making a huge mistake," said Connelly.

The students say having a fab lab right in their school turned their ideas into a reality and they think it could do the same for other students.

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