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Success Story: Tiny Tykes Daycare

Starting a business is no small feat, especially when it's driven by the desire to impact lives from a young age. Amanda Engstrom, the director of Tiny Tykes Daycare in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, is one such individual whose commitment to child care has not only grown a business but also touched the hearts of many families in Oneida County. With a passion that sparked from her own home, Amanda embarked on a journey a decade ago, aiming to expand her reach and capabilities to foster the growth and happiness of children.

A Vision Grows in Oneida County

Amanda remembers the early days, operating from her home with a deep-rooted vision to nurture and watch children grow in a loving, educational environment. "I've always believed in the potential of every child, and starting Tiny Tykes Daycare was my way of contributing to that belief," Amanda reflects. Her journey wasn't without its challenges, from finding the right space to ensuring the daycare met all the necessary regulations and standards to operate efficiently and safely.

From Passion to Professional Development

Understanding the importance of professional growth, Amanda pursued continuing education and obtained the licensing required to run a daycare. Her commitment to meeting not just the educational needs of the children but also the emotional and psychological needs asserts the quality and dedication behind Tiny Tykes Daycare. "It's more than a daycare; it's a community where families can feel confident that their children are cared for, loved, and encouraged to explore their potential," says Amanda.

Contributing to Community Welfare

The impact of Tiny Tykes Daycare extends beyond its walls. Amanda and her team have created an environment where children learn the importance of community and kindness. Serving the community through her daycare, Amanda takes pride in knowing she's making a significant difference in the lives of Oneida County families. "It's fulfilling to see the positive influence we have, not just on the children, but on their families as well."

Support from Oneida County Economic Development Corporation

The journey of Tiny Tykes Daycare received a significant boost thanks to the support from Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC). Amanda was able to apply for and receive the Bounceback Grant, which provided essential supplies to support and sustain the daycare's operations. "The assistance from OCEDC was a game-changer. It enabled us to continue offering high-quality care and support to our families when they needed it most," Amanda gratefully acknowledges.

Ten Years of Growth and Looking Forward

Today, Tiny Tykes Daycare stands as a testament to what passion, dedication, and community support can achieve. Celebrating about ten years in business, Amanda looks to the future with optimism, determined to continue providing a safe, loving, and educational environment for the children of Oneida County. "Our doors are always open to new families looking for a place that feels like home for their children. We're excited about what the future holds and are committed to growing and evolving with our community."

As Tiny Tykes Daycare continues to flourish, it serves as an inspiration to potential and current business owners and entrepreneurs in Oneida County. The story of Amanda Engstrom and Tiny Tykes Daycare demonstrates the power of community support, professional dedication, and the significant impact small businesses can have on the fabric of our community.

Join the Success in Oneida County

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner dreaming of making a difference in Oneida County? Take inspiration from Tiny Tykes Daycare and see how the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation can help turn your passion into success. Explore the opportunities, resources, and support available to help your business thrive. Together, we can contribute to the economic growth and community spirit of Oneida County.

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