Welcome to Oneida County EDC

Welcome to Oneida County EDC

In 1989, the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation was created as a partnership between business and industry. We are responsible for new business growth and assisting our existing businesses with the expansion already located in Oneida County.

The mission of the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation is:
"To promote and stimulate the orderly growth of stable businesses which will provide year-round employment throughout Oneida County while maintaining a high quality of life with a livable wage."

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation, we act as an economic development coordinator for all of Oneida County. Oneida County Economic Development Corporation assists individuals investigating the feasibility of going into business, works with existing business to expand and retain economic viability and works to attract new business in an effort to expand our economic base and provide employment alternatives to the citizens of Oneida County. We are also a conduit between business and government on a local, regional, state, and federal level.


Jan. 18, 2017 - Fed up with slow internet, Oneida County man to build broadband tower - HARSHAW - On his home computer, Phil Hejtmanek gets used to waiting patiently as webpages load, seeing spinning wheels as videos buffer, and putting work on pause as downloads slowly trickle in.

"Streaming a movie on Netflix is a pipe dream," Hejtmanek said with a laugh. "That's impossible."
Dec. 28, 2016 - Northwoods Connect building new Internet tower near Two Sisters Lake - RHINELANDER - Spotty internet access can frustrate anyone who lives outside town. DSL and cable connections often run on existing lines, and most rural homeowners only get one choice between the two. It's why Northwoods Connect is building new towers around Oneida County to reach potential customers who otherwise might be out of luck.
Nov. 17, 2016 - Expera Coated Products celebrates move into former Printpack building - With the symbolic passing of an oversize key, a division of Expera Specialty Solutions took formal possession of a vacant industrial building at 114 West Kemp Street in Rhinelander Tuesday morning, finalizing a deal that was over a year in the making and involved a $15 million loan from the state.
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