Merge Career Goals with Nature’s Call

Discover Oneida County's Unique Economic and Lifestyle Blend

Wisconsin Outdoors: Work & Life Harmony

A guide showcasing Oneida County's outdoor recreation as a magnet for talent and business growth.

Unlocking Oneida County's Potential

  •  Wisconsin's natural beauty is not just an asset but a driving force behind attracting talent and investment, enhancing both lifestyle satisfaction and economic prosperity.
  •  "Live + Work Where You Play: Outside in Wisconsin" is a comprehensive guide that showcases how Oneida County's outdoor culture, combined with its affordable living and educational excellence, offers a unique competitive edge for businesses and individuals.
  •  The guide serves as a crucial tool for businesses, recruiters, and dreamers, emphasizing the importance of outdoor amenities in addressing the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent, and encouraging a life that balances career ambitions with outdoor passions.

Live + Work Where You Play: Outside in Wisconsin

In Oneida County and across our beloved Wisconsin, we recognize the power of our natural landscapes to not only enrich lives but also to drive economic growth and vitality. "Live + Work Where You Play: Outside in Wisconsin" is a vital resource designed with this understanding at its heart. It serves as a testament to the allure of Wisconsin's great outdoors and its capacity to attract talent and investment to the region.

The Power of Outdoor Recreation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's outdoor recreation scene is more than just a backdrop for adventure; it's a significant driver of lifestyle satisfaction and economic prosperity. Our state's lush forests, rivers, and lakes, combined with an affordable cost of living, excellent schools, and a dynamic arts and culinary culture, position Wisconsin as a top choice for both businesses and individuals looking for a place where quality of life and work opportunities meet.

A Recruitment Tool Like No Other

"Live + Work Where You Play: Outside in Wisconsin" is more than just a pamphlet; it's a 16-page guide that transforms Wisconsin’s natural assets into a competitive edge for local employers. By laying out the myriad benefits of our outdoor culture, alongside practical details about our cost of living and educational excellence, this publication acts as a beacon for those seeking to build their lives and careers in a place that truly values the balance between work and play.

Addressing Talent Attraction Through Natural Beauty

The guide delves into how our scenic landscapes and outdoor amenities can solve one of the most pressing challenges of modern businesses: attracting and retaining top talent. With evidence pointing to the attraction of new residents, especially to rural communities blessed with outdoor riches, the publication highlights how Oneida County businesses can leverage these insights. The phenomenon of "Zoom towns," areas thriving with remote workers drawn by outdoor leisure opportunities, underscores the pivotal role of nature in modern relocation decisions.

For Businesses, Recruiters, and Dreamers Alike

Whether you're a business looking to grow your team, a recruiter seeking an edge in talent attraction, or an individual dreaming of a life that beautifully blends career ambitions with outdoor passions, "Live + Work Where You Play: Outside in Wisconsin" is your gateway. It’s a celebration and a strategy, encapsulating the spirit of Wisconsin's outdoors as a key to unlocking a brighter, more vibrant future for businesses and communities alike in Oneida County.

We are proud of what we have to offer here in Oneida County: a life and work balance steeped in the natural beauty and community spirit of Wisconsin. We encourage businesses, entrepreneurs, and job seekers to consider how this unique blend of opportunities can shape your next big move. Dive into the guide, explore what it means to live and work where you play, and discover the endless possibilities waiting for you in Wisconsin.

For more insights and to access "Live + Work Where You Play: Outside in Wisconsin," visit our resource page and take the first step towards harnessing the power of Wisconsin’s outdoors for your business’s success. Let’s thrive together, in harmony with nature and in pursuit of our dreams.

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