Economic Growth, Naturally in Oneida

Your Future Begins with OCEDC Support

Key Advantages of Investing in Oneida County

  •  Enhanced local infrastructure and quality of life attract businesses and contribute to a vibrant community.
  •  OCEDC's commitment to community and infrastructure development supports business innovation and growth.
  •  Access to a suite of resources through OCEDC, including financial aid, business planning, and networking, fosters successful business partnerships.

Unlocking Growth in Oneida County

Learn how the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation champions infrastructure and community development for business success.

In Oneida County, Wisconsin, we've discovered an unbeatable formula for economic success and innovation. At the heart of our thriving community is the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC), a beacon for business owners, investors, and community officials. Here, we not only dream of a brighter future but also work tirelessly to make it a reality. The secret behind our progress? A steadfast commitment to community and infrastructure development.

Why Infrastructure and Community Life Matter

Oneida County stands out as a prime location for business for numerous reasons, but two shine brighter than the rest: our enhanced local infrastructure and the improved quality of life for our residents. These aren’t just perks; they're the pillars upon which we build the future of business in Oneida County. An inviting community and robust infrastructure act as magnets for new investments and are critical in the decision-making process for businesses contemplating where to put down roots.

We at OCEDC have poured significant effort and resources into community development projects, from modernizing transportation networks to upgrading digital connectivity. Business owners quickly recognize the value in such an environment, where logistical challenges diminish, and opportunities for innovation and growth multiply.

A Vibrant Community Beckons

An improved quality of life naturally follows suit. With enhancements in public services, green spaces, and community programs, Oneida County isn’t just an ideal place to do business; it's a wonderful place to live. For business owners and investors, this translates into a healthy, happy workforce and a supportive, engaged community.

OCEDC's role in these developments cannot be understated. By championing infrastructure projects and advocating for quality of life improvements, OCEDC has actively contributed to making Oneida County a preferred destination for business growth. Our initiative doesn't stop at the planning stages. We consistently seek out opportunities for advancement, engage with community members for input, and leverage our resources for the betterment of Oneida County.

Success Built on Solid Ground

The results, frankly, speak for themselves. Businesses that have chosen to establish or expand in Oneida County have benefited from our strategic location, cutting-edge infrastructure, and vibrant community. They thrive in a setting that supports innovation, appreciates hard work, and fosters connections both within the local community and with the global market.

We don’t just attract businesses here; we partner with them for success. Through OCEDC, entrepreneurs gain access to a suite of resources, from financial aid options and business planning to networking events that connect them with like-minded individuals. Our door is always open to those who wish to contribute to and benefit from the economic vibrancy of Oneida County.

The evidence of our commitment and its impacts is all around — in the thriving businesses, the bustling marketplaces, and in the satisfied smiles of our community members. Behind each success story is a network of support and a strong foundation laid down by the OCEDC. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when we champion community and infrastructure development as key to business success.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Our journey doesn’t end here. The path to continual growth and innovation is paved with the visions of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and the investments of today’s leaders. Whether you’re looking to start your business journey or you're poised to take your enterprise to new heights, Oneida County — guided by the OCEDC — is the fertile ground from which your success can grow. 

If you’re driven by ambition and inspired by the prospect of building within a community that values progress and quality of life, we want to hear from you. Explore how OCEDC can support your business goals and how, together, we can contribute to the economic dynamism of Oneida County.

Reach out, engage with us, and be part of a thriving business community that grows stronger every day. Economic growth happens naturally in Oneida County, and with OCEDC, you have a partner every step of the way.

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