Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Education Program (EEP) in Rhinelander

Transform Your Business Idea Into Reality

Unlock Your Business Potential: EEP

The Entrepreneurial Education Program (EEP) in Rhinelander is a zero-cost, 8-week course designed to support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

Unlock Your Business Potential in Oneida County

  •  Dive into the Entrepreneurial Education Program (EEP), a no-cost, 8-week course designed for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, starting February 28 through April 17, 2024.
  •  Gain invaluable insights on understanding market demand, increasing customer appeal, developing a comprehensive business plan, and optimizing resources.
  •  Benefit from the experience of guest speakers, free course materials for participants (additional textbooks available on Amazon for second participants from the same company), and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Education Program (EEP) in Rhinelander

Imagine turning your business idea into a reality or scaling your current business beyond its current limits. The Entrepreneurial Education Program (EEP) is here to guide you through every step of the way. Offered by Nicolet College and UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education in collaboration with the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program, this zero-cost, 8-week course is a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. Starting from February 28 through April 17, 2024, join us every Wednesday evening from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Nicolet College in the heart of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

What to Expect from the EEP

The journey of entrepreneurship is exciting but paved with challenges. The EEP is designed to arm you with the knowledge and tools to overcome these challenges:

  • Understand Market Demand: Find the answer to the critical question – "Will people buy my product or service?"
  • Increase Customer Appeal: Learn strategies to attract more customers and keep them engaged.
  • Develop a Business Plan: Craft a comprehensive, lender-ready business plan that maps out your path to success.
  • Optimize Resources: Uncover ways to use your time, money, and resources most effectively.
Besides the core curriculum, the program is enriched with valuable insights from guest speakers who’ve tread the path of entrepreneurship and come out victorious.

Who Should Attend

Whether you're at the idea stage, struggling to navigate the complexities of running a business, or looking to take your successful enterprise to the next level, the EEP is tailored for you. Our target audience includes:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs eager to turn their ideas into viable businesses
  • Existing business owners seeking clarity and direction
  • Individuals aiming to expand their companies
Course Materials and Features

To ensure you have all the educational tools at your disposal, we will provide the course textbook free of charge to all participants. If there’s a second participant from the same company, please note they would need to purchase their textbook separately on Amazon.

Secure Your Spot

With the program normally valued at $1,000 per participant, this is an unparalleled opportunity to gain comprehensive entrepreneurial education at no cost, thanks to Nicolet College and the SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program. Given the in-person nature of the program and our commitment to quality education, seats are limited. 

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Registration is mandatory to participate, and we encourage you to secure your place early. Whether you're dreaming of launching a start-up or determined to elevate your existing business, the Entrepreneurial Education Program (EEP) is your launching pad to success in the entrepreneurial world. 

Join us, and let’s transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. More info on the program webpage:

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