Unlocking Facebook Ads: A Game-Changing Workshop

Elevate Your Marketing with Expert Insights

Master Facebook Ads: May 8 Workshop

An online workshop led by Josh Klemons on May 8, 2024, offering an in-depth guide to Facebook advertising.

Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads

  •  Learn directly from digital marketing expert Josh Klemons in an engaging online workshop.
  •  Gain comprehensive knowledge on setting up, managing, and analyzing Facebook Ads for business growth.
  •  Exclusive and free for small businesses in the WI Northwoods Navigator Spokes areas, with fee-based access for others.

Unlocking Facebook Ads: A Game-Changing Workshop

Discover the power of Facebook advertising with the upcoming online workshop, "Getting Started With Facebook Ads." Scheduled for May 8, 2024, and hosted by the Wisconsin SBDC at UW - Stevens Point, this event is your gateway to mastering Facebook Ads. Spearheaded by Josh Klemons, a distinguished Digital Storyteller/Strategist, this session is meticulously designed for small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs eager to amplify their marketing strategies.

What to Expect

During this online workshop, Josh Klemons will guide participants through the crucial aspects of Facebook advertising. Here's what you'll learn: - The steps to set up your Facebook Ads account efficiently. - The key differences between dark ads and boosted posts. - How to identify and understand various audience types. - The objectives behind different ads and how to choose accordingly. - The art of tracking and analyzing your campaign's success.

This hands-on session is more than just a learning experience—it's a unique opportunity to elevate your marketing game by integrating Facebook Ads into your promotional activities.

Why You Should Attend

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Josh Klemons, a pioneer in digital marketing.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Cover all bases of Facebook advertising in one session.
  • Community Support: Exclusively free for small businesses in the WI Northwoods Navigator Spokes areas, thanks to Nicolet College, The Grid, and Grow North.
  • Open for All: For those outside the eligible counties, a fee-based registration ensures no one misses out.
  • Immediate Business Impact: Apply the insights and tactics gained to see real results in your marketing efforts.
Register Now

Do not miss out on this exceptional workshop designed to transform your approach to Facebook advertising. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a small business owner, "Getting Started With Facebook Ads" offers valuable insights to scale your business.

Secure your spot today by registering at Join us on May 8, 2024, for a transformative journey into the world of Facebook Ads.

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