The Economy Thrives in Oneida County

Your Business, Our Environment—A Natural Partnership

Key Advantages of Doing Business in Oneida County

  •  Financial incentives such as tax credits, funding programs, and grants support business innovation and job creation.
  •  Access to leading-edge infrastructure and technology ensures businesses stay connected and competitive.
  •  A commitment to eco-friendly practices promotes sustainable growth and responsible entrepreneurship.

Grow with Oneida's Economic Opportunities

Discover Oneida County's unique approach to marrying economic development with environmental stewardship, fostering business growth in harmony with nature.

Harmony of Growth and Nature in Oneida

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's Northwoods, Oneida County stands as a beacon of progress amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Here, at Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC), we blend the serenity of our surroundings with the vibrant energy of economic growth, offering a business climate as refreshing as our clear lakes and as solid as our towering pines.

Financial Incentives for Businesses

Unlock potential and profitability with Oneida County's attractive financial incentives. Whether you're launching a startup or expanding an enterprise, we offer:

  • Tax credits for innovation
  • Funding programs for capital improvements
  • Grants to incentivize job creation
We understand that a healthy business environment starts with solid roots, and our financial perks ensure you plant yours in fertile ground.

Leading-edge Infrastructure and Technology

Business in Oneida County benefits from advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge resources. We provide:

  • High-speed internet that keeps you connected
  • Modern transportation networks for smooth logistics
  • Reliable utilities to power your daily operations
Our commitment to technological advancement ensures you're well-equipped to compete on a global stage.

Skilled Workforce through Training Programs

With a spotlight on workforce development, we're building a deeply skilled labor pool ready to drive your business forward. By investing in education and specialized training programs, Oneida County is preparing a workforce that is:

  • Highly trained in diverse trades
  • Ready with in-demand skill sets 
  • Enthusiastic about lifelong learning
Your team will be the building block of your success story, sourced from our communities' best.

Strategic Location for Optimal Market Access

Geography matters in business, and Oneida County is strategically positioned to maximize your market reach. With its exceptional location, Oneida County provides:

  • Easy access to major commercial hubs
  • Proximity to regional and international markets
  • Logistic corridors that shorten delivery times
We are your gateway to growth, connecting products and services with people who need them.

Commitment to Eco-friendly Practices

Oneida County businesses don't just thrive—they do so responsibly, keeping future generations in mind. Discover our dedication to environmental stewardship:

  • Sustainable initiatives across sectors
  • Collaboration with green-minded enterprises
  • Practices that reduce carbon footprints and enhance green spaces
Join us as we continue to craft a legacy of sustainable success, one enterprise at a time.

Join the Economic Journey in Oneida

Experience firsthand how thriving in business aligns with living in harmony with the environment in Oneida County. Embrace the vibrant economic momentum propelled by OCEDC, where growth unfolds naturally. If you're a forward-thinking entrepreneur, investor, or community official, tap into the opportunities Oneida County presents. Connect with us and be part of a growing legacy where economic development and the grandeur of nature meet. Let's grow together, organically, in Oneida.

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