Oneida County: Where Business Growth Meets Natural Beauty

Unlock Your Business Potential with OCEDC Support

Why Oneida County is Your Next Business Destination

  •  Financial incentives tailored to support both new and expanding businesses, fostering an environment where business thrives.
  •  A strategic location that offers expansive market opportunities, connecting businesses to local, regional, and international markets.
  •  A commitment to sustainable practices, aligning Oneida County businesses with global trends towards environmental responsibility.

Economic Growth Meets Nature in Oneida County

Oneida County harmoniously blends vibrant business growth with the serene beauty of nature, driven by the proactive efforts of OCEDC.

Oneida County: Where Business Growth Meets Natural Beauty

Imagine a place where the vibrant rhythm of business growth harmonizes with the serene beauty of nature. 

Oneida County is precisely that place, an economic hub nestled in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where entrepreneurs, investors, and community officials come together to build a future that's both prosperous and picturesque. 

At the heart of this economic renaissance is the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC), a linchpin in stimulating the local economy and fostering job creation. 

Financial Incentives for Businesses

One of the key advantages of investing in Oneida County is the array of financial incentives tailored to support business growth. 

Whether you're a newcomer ready to set roots or an existing business looking to expand, OCEDC offers a helping hand. These incentives are designed to boost your journey, making Oneida County not just a place to do business, but a place where business thrives.

Robust Infrastructure and Cutting-edge Technology

Critical to any business's success is infrastructure and technology, and Oneida County excels in both. Boasting state-of-the-art technology and efficient logistics, businesses have everything they need to flourish. 

From high-speed internet that connects you to global markets to well-maintained transport routes that ensure smooth delivery and operations, Oneida County sets the stage for your business to excel.

A Workforce Ready to Propel Your Business Forward

Oneida County doesn't just invest in businesses; it invests in people. With a keen focus on workforce development and training programs, local professionals are skilled, ready, and eager to contribute to your business's success. 

This commitment to nurturing talent means that businesses in Oneida County have access to a pool of highly skilled professionals, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative.

Strategic Location Opens Doors to Expansive Market Opportunities

Positioned strategically, Oneida County offers businesses a competitive edge, opening doors to expansive markets. Whether you're looking to connect with local, regional, or even international markets, Oneida County's location facilitates business expansion and success. 

This strategic advantage ensures that businesses in Oneida County are not only well-connected but also primed for growth.

Embracing Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future

Oneida County businesses and the community come together in a commitment to sustainable practices, aiming for a greener future. This collective effort not only helps protect the stunning natural surroundings that make Oneida County unique but also aligns with the growing global trend toward environmental responsibility in business operations.

Why OCEDC is Essential for Economic Vitality

The OCEDC plays a pivotal role in Oneida County's economic landscape. By attracting new businesses, facilitating expansions, and ensuring job creation, OCEDC directly contributes to reducing unemployment rates and boosting the county's economic vitality. This proactive approach to economic development ensures Oneida County remains a place where businesses not only start but where they grow and thrive.

Oneida County stands as a testament to how economic growth and natural beauty can coexist, offering a unique environment for businesses and communities. With the support of OCEDC, financial incentives, robust infrastructure, a skilled workforce, strategic positioning, and a commitment to sustainability, Oneida County truly is where economic growth happens, naturally.

If you're a business owner, investor, or community official looking to be a part of Oneida County's economic development story, let's grow together. Discover the opportunities waiting for you in Oneida County and join us in building a prosperous, sustainable future.

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