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Discover How SCORE Helps Oneida County’s Business Growth

SCORE Business Resources

SCORE provides free mentoring, education, and resources tailored to the unique needs of Oneida County's entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Unlock Business Growth in Oneida County

  •  SCORE provides free mentoring, education, and resources tailored to Oneida County's unique business landscape.
  •  Entrepreneurs can access personalized support and guidance from experienced mentors to navigate business challenges.
  •  Utilizing SCORE's resources can significantly smooth the path to starting or expanding a business in Oneida County.

Business growth in Oneida County comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Recognizing this, we are excited to share a powerful resource tailored to the unique landscape of our local business community – SCORE stands for Service Corps of Retired Executives, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.

SCORE: Your Partner in Business Success

SCORE offers a treasure trove of free mentoring, education, and resources, making it easier for Oneida County's entrepreneurs and small business owners to navigate the complexities of starting and expanding a business. Whether the hurdle is securing funding, enhancing business know-how, or anything in between, SCORE provides the tools necessary for overcoming these barriers.

Tailored Resources for Every Entrepreneur

Understanding that the road to success varies for each business owner, SCORE has developed resource hubs designed to cater to diverse needs. These hubs are stocked with tools, guides, and valuable resources specifically curated to support businesses hoping to thrive in our county.

Personalized Support When You Need It

One of SCORE's most impactful offerings is the opportunity to connect with a mentor who brings personalized expertise to the table. These mentors are equipped to provide guidance tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring you receive the support most relevant to your business journey.

Embrace the Opportunity for Local Business Success

SCORE's comprehensive resources represent a crucial tool for Oneida County entrepreneurs aiming to start or expand their ventures. From one-on-one mentoring sessions to a wide range of educational materials, SCORE empowers our local business community with the knowledge and support needed to flourish.

We encourage every entrepreneur and small business owner in Oneida County to take advantage of SCORE's invaluable resources. Engaging with SCORE can provide the guidance and tools necessary to navigate the path to success more smoothly and directly. For information for our local SCORE Mentor, contact the OCEDC office.

Are you ready to kickstart or grow your business in Oneida County with SCORE's assistance? Discover how these SCORE resources can pave the way for your business success. Let's grow, together, economic growth, naturally in Oneida County.

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