Make It Yours Story

Inspiration and Background

Nestled in the heart of Minocqua, Wisconsin, within the vibrant community of Oneida County, lies a gem called Make It Yours Home Decor. Christian Murphy, the enterprising spirit behind this unique boutique, drew inspiration from her fond childhood memories. Visiting charming, small-town shops throughout Wisconsin ignited a dream in Christian to one day open her own storefront, a place that mirrors the warmth and diversity of those early impressions.

Christian's vision was to create a home decor and gift shop that catered to varied decorating styles, featuring a wide variety of homemade items. This includes scented candles and other decor pieces, many of which are crafted by Christian’s husband and their circle of creative friends. The shop stands out because it offers much more than just items for purchase; it offers pieces of stories, passion, and craftsmanship.

Business Concept

Make It Yours is not just another home decor store. It’s a curated collection of antiques, vintage finds, modern decor, and general gifts that embody cabin and farmhouse styles, along with a host of other themes. Each item in the store, from the candles to the custom-made decor pieces, invites its customers into a unique, nostalgic shopping experience. This business concept blossomed from Christian’s passion and dedication, reflecting the essence of her childhood experiences while adding a modern, entrepreneurial spirit.

Community and Business Impact

Stepping into the role of a local business owner, Christian found more than just success in commerce; she found a deeper connection to the Minocqua community. Make It Yours Home Decor became a bridge, connecting Christian with local residents, tourists, and a growing base of regular customers. It’s more than just a store; it’s a space that fosters connections and enriches the community fabric, making both locals and visitors feel at home.

Support from Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC)

Starting a business is no small feat, and for Christian, the journey was made smoother with support from the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC). A timely grant from OCEDC helped safeguard the cash flow during the critical initial stages of Make It Yours. Moreover, Christian benefited from training classes offered by OCEDC, equipping her with the knowledge and tools to stabilize and grow her business. This blend of financial support and educational resources underscored the role of OCEDC in nurturing local entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth within Oneida County.

Invitation to Visit

Christian Murphy and the story of Make It Yours Home Decor stand as a testament to the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in Oneida County. She extends a warm invitation to everyone to visit the Old Boardwalk Shops in Minocqua. Discover for yourself the charm of Make It Yours Home Decor, where each item tells a story, and every visit feels like a homecoming.

Christian shared, "This journey has been incredible, and the support from the Oneida County community and the OCEDC has been integral to our success. We can't wait to welcome you into our store, where you'll find something that feels like it was just made for you."

A Future Full of Promise

Today, Make It Yours Home Decor not only stands as a symbol of entrepreneurial success but also as a beacon of community connection and economic vitality in Oneida County. With an eye towards the future, Christian is excited about the growth prospects and the opportunity to continue contributing positively to the local economy and the lives of the people in Minocqua.

Whether you're decorating your home, searching for the perfect gift, or simply looking to experience the unique charm of Minocqua's local businesses, Make It Yours Home Decor is a destination worthy of your itinerary.

Call to Action

Ready to explore the best of what Oneida County has to offer? Visit us at Make It Yours Home Decor in the heart of Minocqua. Discover a place where every piece tells a story, and perhaps, find something that perfectly tells yours. Join us in celebrating local success and become a part of our growing community. See you soon!

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